Annual review on central government debt management published

The State Treasury has published its annual review on central government debt management.

The review focuses on central government debt management in 2016, providing an overview of the funding activities, cash management and debt management.

In 2016, the central government gross borrowing amounted to approximately EUR 16.7 billion, of which redemptions were EUR 14.5 billion and the net borrowing EUR 2.2 billion. The central government debt was EUR 102.4 billion at the end of the year.

“The Republic of Finland successfully fulfilled its issuance programme in 2016. The scale of our financing programme for this year is slightly greater due to two benchmark bonds that fall due,” Director of Finance Teppo Koivisto says.

Guest authors in the review are Sami Yläoutinen, Economic Policy Coordinator, Director General at the Ministry of Finance, and Roope Uusitalo, professor of Economics, who is currently Chairman of the Finnish Economic Policy Council.

Yläoutinen writes about the reporting policies of the central government finances and the central government’s balance sheet. Uusitalo focuses on the Finnish general government net debt.

The Debt Management Annual Review is available online at

, Updated 3.4.2019 at 12:18