Aging Population

Finland is among the first welfare states in the world where a significant proportion of the population is aged. Aging population is and remains a big policy issue in Finland. [Please keep reading: article continues after data.]

Most recently, a project was commissioned in 2020 by the Prime Minister’s Office to examine reasons for the current situation and to offer policy advice for sustainable demographic development. In the Demographic Report that followed in 2021, experts’ recommendations included increasing the family-friendliness of society, investments to education and lifelong learning (particularly for men), higher employment rates for people aged 65-74, more net immigration and more tailored immigration policies. These recommendations are largely in line with reforms that are already underway in Finland.

The most recent reform to the Finnish pension system was made in 2017. The most recent international evaluation of the pension system was published in September 2021.

To address demographic challenges, the Finnish government is committed to reforms, including:

Experiences of COVID-19 pandemic may have improved Finland’s demographic prospects

Throughout the 2010’s, birth rates declined in several high-income countries. In Finland, birth rates decreased by one quarter in the 2010s. However, the declining trend in births was finally reversed in 2020 and in 2021 – unlike in many Western countries – fertility is on the rise in Finland.

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