Terms of use

The State Treasury produces the material in the statistical database and is the owner of the copyright and database protection.

The source of origin and the date of the version of the material must be given when the material is used, e.g. © State Treasury of Finland, [name of statistics/service], [year, date].

The material in the database may be freely copied and distributed, edited and exploited commercially, combined with other products, and used as part of an application or service, provided that the source is acknowledged as described above.

The State Treasury is not responsible for any possible errors in the material or for direct or indirect damages arising from the use of the material. The State Treasury reserves the right to alter or remove, in part or in whole and at any time, content in the database.

Published 2013-08-20 at  11:08 , updated 2015-08-11 at  15:21
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