S&P Global Ratings affirms Finland’s credit rating at AA+   (2016-09-16)

The credit rating agency S&P Global Ratings affirmed Finland’s long-term sovereign credit rating at ‘AA+’ on 16 September. At the same time, S&P revised the outlook on the rating to stable from negative.

The outlook revision reflects S&P’s view that Finland’s economy will continue to recover gradually while public finances improve as a result of consolidation measures taken by the current and previous administration. S&P estimates that Finnish exports stand to benefit from competitiveness-boosting measures.

The State Treasury will post the rating report on its website at www.treasuryfinland.fi/credit_ratings.

Further information: Director of Finance Teppo Koivisto, State Treasury, tel. +358 295 50 2550, firstname.lastname@statetreasury.fi

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