Secondary market

Interdealer market

Trade in government benchmark bonds between market makers is primarily conducted in the electronic MTS Finland marketplace but trading takes place also in Brokertec and eSpeed market places.

Primary dealer can choose one or more platforms to fulfill its market making obligation. The State Treasury monitors trading activity in all designated market platforms. Trading volume in the last few years was 3-5 million euros per month.

Multi-platform trading aims to promote trading activity and to decrease bid-ask spreads of the benchmark bonds.

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Customer trades

Primary dealers submit monthly reports to the State Treasury on their trading with end investors. In recent years, the trading volume has averaged between EUR 7 to 9 billion per month. The largest system concentrating on investor trading is Bloomberg.

Published 2013-03-14 at  9:06 , updated 2017-12-19 at  9:34
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