Securities lending facility

A securities lending facility for the Republic of Finland benchmark bonds (RFGBs) is available for eligible (GMRA) counterparties with effect from 25 January 2016.

The State Treasury lends serial bonds with benchmark status overnight via repurchase agreements. Lending is available against cash only. Please see detailed criteria for the repo facility in the table below.

A list of available securities >>
(Excluding bonds with a remaining maturity of less than one year)

Available to GMRA (Global Master Repurchase Agreement) counterparties in Finnish Government Bonds
Securities RFGB benchmark bonds, facility not available on coupon payment dates and year-end. STF to decide when facility is available, see ThomsonReuters SUVE and Bloomberg STF screens
Amounts available Min EUR 5 000 000
Max EUR 200 000 000 per counterparty
Value date Same day value
Timing No later than 1:00 PM CET
Term O/N only, transactions are concluded for 1 trading day with rolling maximum 4 consecutive trading days
Trading days TARGET, Helsinki
Pricing Most recent Eonia quote minus a spread. Additional negative spread from 3rd rolling day.Current prices on ThomsonReuters SUVE and Bloomberg STF screens.
Spread 0.5%, additional spread 0.25% from 3rd rolling day.
Pricing source Market value is calculated on Bloomberg on basis of most recent ask price (lowest yield) for RFGB.
Margin Margin ratio: none


Published 2016-01-22 at  12:26 , updated 2018-11-09 at  13:20
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