International co-operation

The State Treasury represents the Central Government of Finland in the international financial markets. Its main partners are the primary dealer banks and other financial institutions. Moreover, the State Treasury promotes government bonds and Treasury bills in investor meetings.

The State Treasury is also regularly in contact with other sovereign borrowers in the context of co-operation organised by international organisations. For example, the OECD, the EU and the World Bank organise meetings where various issues on government borrowing as well as debt and cash management are discussed. Government Borrowers Forum organised by the World Bank assembles annually in different member countries. In addition, the Nordic countries co-operate in the field of central government debt.

International co-operation enables an exchange of information between different countries. The importance of co-operation is highlighted by the global nature of the international financial markets where all countries share the same challenges.

Published 2013-06-24 at  12:34 , updated 2017-12-14 at  15:32
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